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Instructions on how to install, set up and use the ServiceBell Zendesk app.


The ServiceBell Zendesk is a native Zendesk application that allows you to view visitors actions on your site directly from Zendesk. When viewing a visitor's session you can annotate the screen, takeover their mouse and keyboard and request a full screen share.



  • Administrator access to Zendesk

  • Zendesk widget installed on your website.

  • Ability to add/update script tags and on your website.

  • Mechanism for identifying visitors on your website and assigning them an id or email address.

Install the app in your Zendesk instance.

  1. Download the ServiceBell Zendesk App zip file from here

  2. Follow the instructions here to install the application in your Zendesk instance.

Install and configure ServiceBell widget.

  1. Follow the Quickstart Instructions to install the ServiceBell widget on your site.

  2. Configure the display and location of the widget so it does not conflict with the Zendesk widget. The ServiceBell widget can be positioned in the opposite corner or hidden altogether. Configure the display in the "Position & Visibility" section of the ServiceBell settings page.

Identify ServiceBell Visitors

You'll need to inform ServiceBell of a website visitor's identity. This is how ServiceBell associates website visitors with Zendesk users. There are two pieces of metadata ServiceBell can use to associate a visitor with a Zendesk user, email address and external_id. If your Zendesk installation is already assigning external_ids that is the best way to make the association. For more information on assigning an external ID in Zendesk see their docs.

Go to Custom Visitor Identities to learn how to use the ServiceBell api to identify visitors.

When identifying visitors add their "email" to the metadata and use the Zendesk external_id as the "Custom ID". If you are not assigning an external_id use a UUID or other unique id for "Custom ID"

Code Sample

  ZENDESK_EXTERNAL_ID_OR_UUID, // String or integer, replace with Zendesk external_id or your own custom unique value
    email: "[email protected]", // Changes the email of the visitor in the dashboard


  1. Ask your ServiceBell administrator to invite you to the ServiceBell organization if you are not already a member.

  2. Accept the invitation and follow the instructions or log in to ServiceBell if you were already a member.

  3. Close the ServiceBell dashboard and open Zendesk.

  4. Navigate to a ticket. If possible choose a ticket for a user that is currently on the site, active chat conversations are a good candidate.

  5. Click the grid icon on the right side of the ticket.

  6. Click the down chevron next to the ServiceBell app. If the chevron is pointed up then the app is already open and loading.

  7. If the Zendesk user is currently on the site you can now view their browser session and interact with them in real time. Use the toolbar at the top to:

    1. Control - request permission to take over their mouse & keyboard remotely.

    2. Draw - Annotate the page with a drawing tool. Be your own John Madden.

    3. Request Screenshare - Ask the visitor to share their entire desktop when seeing their browser session is not enough.

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