How to set high-intent page preferences for intent scoring

Spotlight scores the intent of detected accounts based on frequency of visitors and which pages are visited.

In order to determine which pages contribute to intent scoring:

  1. click "New Intent Signal"

  • Name the Signal (can be a single page or multiple pages)

  • Select "High" or "Low" intent (see below for the difference between the two)

  • Select the "contains" or "equals" operator. "Contains" is recommended for most use cases.

  • Type in the value Spotlight will look for in the session (e.g. "pricing")

  • Now you can save the signal.

  • If you want to track multiple pages, click "OR" and add one or more additional pages.

High-intent pages contribute more than low-intent pages.

High-intent pages will also be captured in your CRM based on the High-Intent Pages Visited value here CRM Fields for ServiceBell Influence (Account).

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