Outlook Calendar

Keep your ServiceBell availability up to date by integrating with Google Calendar

ServiceBell's integration with Outlook Calendar automatically sets your ServiceBell availability based on Outlook Calendar meetings. Having all your agents activate will prevent your team from ever missing a call because agents are in another meeting.

Only events from your default Outlook calendar get synced into ServiceBell.

Installing the Outlook Calendar Integration

To give ServiceBell access to your Outlook Calendar, go to the user Integrations page in your ServiceBell settings, find the Outlook Calendar card, and click the Manage button. You'll be redirected to Outlook's to authorize access.

For the ServiceBell Outlook Calendar integration to function correctly, it must be granted access to the Microsoft Graph with the following permissions: Calendars.ReadWrite and User.Read. Please ask your Microsoft Outlook administrator to follow these steps to whitelist the ServiceBell Outlook app:

Whitelisting ServiceBell app in Azure Conditional Access

  1. Identify the Application ID: The ServiceBell Outlook integration app has the ID dc61d5cb-8275-42f1-b339-2f67f059add1.

  2. Access Conditional Access in Azure AD:

    • Go to the Azure portal (portal.azure.com).

    • Navigate to Azure Active Directory > Security > Conditional Access.

  3. Create or Edit a Conditional Access Policy:

    • To create a new policy, click on + New policy.

    • To edit an existing policy, select the policy from the list.

  4. Configure the Policy to Exclude the App:

    • In the Assignments section, under Users and groups, select the users, groups, or roles this policy will apply to. While you can apply the policy to all users, you may choose to exclude certain users or groups if necessary.

    • Under Cloud apps or actions, select Include to choose which apps the policy applies to. You have the option to apply the policy to All cloud apps or select specific apps.

    • To whitelist (exclude) the ServiceBell Outlook app, switch to the Exclude tab within the Cloud apps or actions section. Click on Select excluded apps and then search for and select the ServiceBell app using its Application ID. This configuration instructs Azure AD to apply the policy to all selected apps except the ones you've excluded, effectively whitelisting the ServiceBell app.

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