See information from and create HubSpot contacts right from the ServiceBell dashboard
ServiceBell integration with HubSpot allows admins to quickly view important information about HubSpot contacts from the dashboard, or create new contacts from visitors within the dashboard.

Installing the HubSpot Integration

To link your HubSpot contacts to ServiceBell visitors, go to the Integrations page in your ServiceBell settings, find the HubSpot card, and click the toggle to enable it. You'll be redirected to HubSpot to authorize the integration.

Linking ServiceBell visitors to existing HubSpot contacts

Providing ServiceBell with the email address of the visitor will link it to any HubSpot contacts with the same email. You can provide the widget with their email using the Custom User Identities feature. If a match is found, you'll see information about the contact and a link to HubSpot in the sidebar.

HubSpot Form Submissions

If you're using HubSpot forms to capture visitor information, ServiceBell will automatically pick up form submissions and call ServiceBell.identify with the email and name they provided in the form. Note that this only works with HubSpot's form embeds, not with their Non-HubSpot Forms setting or custom HubSpot form submission calls.

Creating new HubSpot contacts

If you either don't have visitor email addresses available on your site, or would like to create HubSpot contacts right from the dashboard, you can click the "Create new contact" button and fill out the form. This will attach the email you enter to the visitor. If you want to add additional fields to the contact, you'll be able to access the contact in the HubSpot dashboard as soon as you submit the form.
Note that if you are using Custom User Identities and providing ServiceBell.identify with a different email address than the one you create a HubSpot contact with, it will be overridden the next time ServiceBell.identify is called.