Getting Started with ServiceBell Outbound (Dialer)

This walkthrough will help you get started with your first dial session on power or parallel dial mode.

1. Once you have integrated your CRM or sales engagement platform with ServiceBell, it's time to begin your first dial session.

Navigate to

2. Create a new phone number if you do not already have one.

3. Click "New Number"

4. Click the "Area Code / Prefix" field.

5. Type in an area code you want to dial from.

6. Click "Generate number"

7. Click "Add Number"

8. Decide whether you want to dial in Power Dial mode (one at a time)...

9. or Parallel Dial mode (multiple lines at once).

Don't worry, ServiceBell's AI will detect if a person picks up and hand the live connection to you, while terminating other dials.

10. When in Parallel Mode, select the number of lines you want to dial from.

Our team likes to use between 3 and 5 at a time, but you can select up to 9 lines at once.

11. Now it's time to pick a list to dial.

12. Select the source for your call list.

13. Click the list. If the lists don't look up-to-date, click Sync Lists.

14. Click "Start Session" - this will begin dialing the number of lines you have selected in Parallel Dial.

⚠️ Alert: You are now in a live dial session!

If you are parallel dialing, be prepared with a good opener that gives you a second to get oriented to the connection.

If you are power dialing, you'll probably want other tabs up with context on the person you're calling.

If you get bored, consider investing in higher quality numbers, or try our Virtual Salesfloor.

15. Click "End session" when you are finished.

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