Convert missed opportunities into meetings with Calendly

ServiceBell integration with Calendly allows visitors to book a meeting on your calendar if no one is available to take their call. This replaces ServiceBell's default functionality of sending your organization an email with the visitor's email.

Authorizing ServiceBell with Calendly

To give ServiceBell access to your Calendly account, go to the Integrations page in your ServiceBell settings, find the Calendly card, and click the toggle to enable it. You'll be redirected to Calendly to authorize access.

ServiceBell organizations can only be linked to a single Calendly account, so if you want to have meetings be booked for multiple members, you'll need Calendly team account.

Accessing all of your Calendly events

ServiceBell will be able to retrieve all of the event types you have access to on your Calendly account dashboard. If you do not see an event on ServiceBell, please make sure you can see the event on your Calendly account dashboard.

Note: A Calendly team admin will have access to all of a team's events, however a Calendly user (non-admin) will only have access to events which their personal user has been added to. In the example below, I will only have access to the 6 event types available on my dashboard

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