View support tickets associated with site visitors and help them immediately, face-to-face.

ServiceBell integration with Zendesk allows you to access tickets directly from the ServiceBell dashboard and initiate video calls immediately. While on a ServiceBell video call your Zendesk talk status will automatically be set to "away" so you'll never miss a Zendesk support call.

Installing the Zendesk Integration

Go to the integrations page in your ServiceBell settings, find the Zendesk card, and click the toggle to enable it. You will be prompted to provide your Zendesk URL, copy any URL while logged into your Zendesk account. Lastly, you will be redirected to Zendesk to authorize ServiceBell.

Viewing Zendesk tickets associated with a visitor

A Zendesk button will be present in the sidebar when viewing visitor sessions in ServiceBell. If the visitor has an associated email address a link to that person's Zendesk tickets will be available.

Zendesk Talk availability syncing

To prevent agents from missing Zendesk Talk calls the ServiceBell integration automatically sets Talk status to "away" while on a ServiceBell video call. This feature requires the ServiceBell and Zendesk accounts use the same email address.

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