Org admins can connect their ServiceBell organization with Salesloft via OAuth to begin syncing contacts and accounts from Salesloft to ServiceBell. Salesloft call tasks and cadences can also be used as a dial list in the ServiceBell dialer, with the ability to log call dispositions back to Salesloft.

Shared Data

The integration allows the user to connect Salesloft via OAuth from their ServiceBell account. Once connected, we create a mapping between Salesloft and ServiceBell accounts, then sync accounts and people from Salesloft to ServiceBell using an initial sequential sync via the API and then we keep the data in sync going forward using webhooks. The ServiceBell user can then use the ServiceBell dialer to call prospects in a cadence either one-at-a-time or using the parallel dialing feature.

OAuth Connection

ServiceBell uses OAuth to connect to your Salesloft account. Currently, connection requires the following scopes:

  • Accounts: Manage

  • Accounts: Read

  • Activities: Read

  • Activities: Write

  • Admin: Read

  • Audit Reports: Manage

  • Audit Reports: Read

  • Audit Reports: Write

  • Cadences: Delete

  • Cadences: Manage

  • Cadences: Read

  • Calls: Manage

  • Calls: Read

  • Crm: Read

  • Dialer Recordings: Read

  • Emails: Read

  • Emails: Write

  • External Id: Manage

  • External Id: Read

  • External Id Configuration: Manage

  • External Id Configuration: Read

  • Groups: Write

  • Notes: Delete

  • Notes: Read

  • Notes: Write

  • Notifications: Write

  • People: Delete

  • People: Read

  • People: Write

  • Signal Registrations: Manage

  • Signal Registrations: Read

  • Signals: Write

  • Tasks: Read

  • Tasks: Write

  • Workflow: Delete

  • Workflow: Read

  • Workflow: Write


  • Q: Does ServiceBell overwrite any Salesloft? A: No, the ServiceBell integration with Salesloft only syncs data down from Salesloft.

  • Does the ServiceBell dialer support parallel dialing? Yes, ServiceBell supports dialing up to nine numbers at a time.

How Sync Works

Once connected, ServiceBell will perform an initial sync from Salesloft. The following items are pulled from Salesloft and associated with records in ServiceBell, creating new records in ServiceBell as needed:

  • Salesloft People -> ServiceBell Contact

  • Salesloft Account -> ServiceBell Account

ServiceBell also maintains associations between Salesloft users and ServiceBell users in your org where possible.

Additionally, webhooks are registered for all of the above items, allowing ServiceBell to be notified of any changes or new data in your Salesloft account and sync from Salesloft to ServiceBell as needed.

Dialer Integration

Once connected, Salesloft call tasks and cadences will be available for use as dial lists in the ServiceBell dialer. These items aren't stored in ServiceBell, but are read from Salesloft when you start a new dialer session. When using a dial list from Salesloft, calls are logged back to Salesloft using Salesloft call dispositions.

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