Start video calls and get easy access to the ServiceBell dashboard from Intercom

ServiceBell integration with Intercom allows you to continue using Intercom as your initial point of contact with customers, but leverage ServiceBell's video call and screen viewing and takeover features as needed.

Installing the Intercom App

To add ServiceBell to your Intercom workspace, go to the Integrations page in your ServiceBell settings, find the Intercom card, and click the toggle to enable it. You'll be redirected to Intercom to authorize the application. That's it!

Widget Positioning and Visibility

ServiceBell's widget works nicely with the Intercom widget and avoids occupying the same space. ServiceBell will position the widget in the opposite corner of Intercom to avoid overlap. If you only want users to interact with ServiceBell after having talked to someone via Intercom, you can hide the widget by default so that it will only show when a user has an active call.

Adding ServiceBell to the Intercom Conversation Details

To get a convenient link to the ServiceBell dashboard for your visitors so that you can quickly observe their screen and prompt a call, click the "Customize" button at the top right of the conversation page, click the "Show more" button, and select ServiceBell from the list.

Once it's added, you'll see a button to go to the dashboard whenever you're talking to a visitor who has connected to the ServiceBell widget.

Note that some visitors may not have this link if the widget could not connect the visitor to ServiceBell. This could happen due to conditional or delayed loading of the widget, ad blocking extensions preventing the script from loading, or a misconfiguration of the script.

Sending a ServiceBell Video Call Invitation

When you're at a point in a conversation where you'd like to start a video call with a visitor, click the ServiceBell icon at the bottom of the your Intercom chat text input, and send the embedded message. If the icon is missing, you may need to click the "Add an App" button and select ServiceBell from the list.

The visitor will then see the button on their end, and if they click it, it will start ringing the ServiceBell dashboard. You'll need to answer their call in the ServiceBell dashboard. Adding the Intercom Conversation Details sidebar widget will make it easier to get to the ServiceBell dashboard quickly.

Adding ServiceBell to the Intercom Home Screen

To add a button to the home screen of Intercom that prompts a ServiceBell call, go to the "Messenger" tab in your Intercom workspace and click "Add apps to your Messenger." When you click "Add an App", ServiceBell should be in the list of applications.

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