Reveal your most valuable customers to qualify who you should be talking to

ServiceBell integration with Clearbit allows you to leverage Clearbit's Reveal API to provide agents with information about a visitor before making contact.

Installing the Clearbit Integration

ServiceBell has partnered with Clearbit to provide all ServiceBell organizations free access to try Clearbit Reveal. Go to the Integrations page in your ServiceBell settings, find the Clearbit card, and click the toggle to start. Select which of your organization members' emails, and which of your domains you'd like to associate the Clearbit account with. We'll take care of the rest and provision you an account.

Revealing Visitors

From the Visitor screen, you'll now see a "Clearbit Reveal" section below the other visitor details. Simply hit the button, and you'll see a breakdown of what company your visitor is associated with.

Usage Limits

Clearbit accounts provisioned through ServiceBell are limited to 50 reveals to try the feature out. If you're interested in upgrading your Clearbit plan, reach out to our team and we'll get you set up.

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