Firewalls and VPNs

Add ServiceBell domains and ports to your organization's network security to ensure you can connect with visitors.

For organizations that secure their networks with firewalls or use VPNs, you may need to add exceptions for the domains and ports ServiceBell uses to communicate over our API, and to set up peer-to-peer connections with your website's visitors. ServiceBell uses WebRTC to establish peer-to-peer connections with visitors.

Note that these configurations are just suggestions. Every organizations network and device policies will be different, and you may only need some of these configurations, or completely different ones depending on how your network or device browser security is configured.




UI dashboard & API for ServiceBell.


STUN server for WebRTC connections


TURN server for WebRTC connections




External TCP

HTTPS traffic to ServiceBell


External TCP / UDP

WebRTC communications to STUN and TURN servers


Local UDP

WebRTC communications on local network

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