Microsoft Teams

Receive ServiceBell notifications in any Teams channel and create a Microsoft Teams meetings.

Organization integration

ServiceBell integration with Teams will post messages to channels you specify each time a visitor requests help, triggers an alert, or books a meeting. Messages will include quick links to view the visitor's session or start a call.

Creating Incoming Webhooks

ServiceBell uses the webhooks connector to send messages to a Teams channel. You will first need to set up incoming webhooks for each channel you want to receive notifications in. There are 4 types of notifications (dials, alerts, meetings, chats) and you can set a separate channel for each, or use the same channel for all of them. If you want to set up advanced rule-based message routing, check the Notification Routing section below.

  1. Navigate to the Channel: Choose the channel where you want to add the incoming webhook and select 'More Options' (⋯) from the top-right corner of the screen.

  2. Select 'Connectors': In the drop-down menu, select 'Connectors'.

  3. Choose 'Incoming Webhook': Scroll through the list of connectors until you find 'Incoming Webhook', and click 'Configure'.

  4. Name Your Webhook: Enter a name for the webhook, you could use "ServiceBell" for clarity. You may also upload an image for the webhook to help distinguish it.

  5. Create the Webhook: Click 'Create' to generate the webhook URL. Copy this URL, you'll need it to configure your external application.

  6. Finish Setup: Once you're done, click 'Done'.

For more detailed instructions, refer to the comprehensive guide provided by Microsoft at Microsoft Teams - Add Incoming Webhook to a Teams Channel.

Installing the Teams Integration

Go to the integrations page in your ServiceBell settings, find the Teams card, and click the toggle to enable it. You will be prompted to input the webhook URLs for each notification type. You may use the same webhook URL for multiple notifications. For example, if you wanted all notifications to go to the same channel you would paste in the same webhook url for all three.

Notification Routing

ServiceBell allows you to set up rule-based notification routing by creating a Routing Rule automation. With the Routing Rule, you can define a set of conditions that are checked against every visitor on your website. If the conditions are met, the notification is routed to the users and channels you have specified.

Hosted Events

ServiceBell's integration with Microsoft Teams adds the ability to create events hosted using Microsoft Teams in the Scheduler. Events will automatically create a Microsoft Teams meeting linked to the event and email out the required information to join the event.

Make sure your MS365 license covers Microsoft Teams. Otherwise, it won't be possible to properly integrate Microsft Teams and ServiceBell's Scheduler.

Installing the Microsoft Teams Integration

To activate the ServiceBell Microsoft Teams integration, go to the user Integrations page in your ServiceBell settings, find the Microsoft Teams card, and click the toggle to enable it. You'll be redirected to authorize access.

Adding a Microsoft Teams Event Type to your Scheduler

  1. Go to the Add Event Types page in the scheduling tool.

  2. Click the "Location" drop-down menu and select "Microsoft Teams"

  1. Fill out the rest of the fields for your new meeting type and save it.

  2. All the meetings scheduled with this event type will now be hosted using Microsoft Teams.

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