Make sure you're being alerted right when your visitors are ready to talk

If you're not receiving notifications from your browser when visitors are dialing or alerting, make sure that they're enabled and your system is allowing them.

Enabling Notifications in ServiceBell

You can enable notifications from the Notifications Settings page in the dashboard, by clicking "Enable Push Notifications." Your browser will ask you for permission to send you notifications. Once you allow it, you'll be sent you a confirmation notification. It should look like this:

If you don't get a test notification after enabling them, make sure your operating system allows notifications from your browser with the steps below:

Enabling Notifications in your Operating System

If you're still not seeing notifications after enabling them, it's likely that your system is not allowing the browser to display notifications. Select your operating system below for instructions on how to enable them:

  1. Search for "Notifications" in spotlight, or open "Notifications" from "System Preferences"

  2. Find your browser in the list of applications

  3. Ensure that "Allow Notifications" is toggled on, and that the style is either "Banners" or "Alerts"

Browser Compatibility

The following browsers support push notifications:


Supports Push Notifications


✅ Yes


✅ Yes


❌ No

Microsoft Edge

✅ Yes


⚠️ Requires configuration¹

Internet Explorer

❌ No

iOS Safari

❌ No

Android Chrome

✅ Yes

Android Firefox

✅ Yes

  1. Go to brave://settings/privacy and enable "Use Google services for push messaging". Must restart browser for setting to take effect.

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